xnum: Arbitrary size integer arithmetic library

Unlike other mathematical libraries that aim for performance, such as GMP, xnum aims to be a simple and easy to understand library.

The main idea behind the algorithms is to use the practical methods for arithmetic that we have learned at school to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more.

xnum is written in C++ and makes use of features such as overloading operators.

The latest version is xnum-1.2.tar.gz. It includes some fixes to clear some warnings when compiled with gcc 3.2.
The SourceForge project page is available here.

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For example, with xnum you can write applications that calculate the factorial of really big numbers. xnum can calculate 1000! (factorial of 1000) in less than two seconds, as shown in the following screenshot


Last update: 27Oct2003
Author: Simos Xenitellis <S.Xenitellis at myrealbox d0t com>